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Host A Small Party In Your New Custom Arcade

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After a custom arcade is installed in part of your garage, host a small party to enjoy the space with close family members and friends. The following ideas can help you satisfy each person's needs so that they will relax and  enjoy themselves while using the arcade.    

Seats, Small Tables, And Speakers

Purchase stools or chairs to set up in front of the games in your arcade so that people playing one will be sitting at eye level with them. If you own a game console, a couple, large beanbag chairs or recliners that are arranged in front of it will allow you to compete against one another while relaxing tired muscles.

Set small, patio tables next to the chairs so that each player has a suitable area to place handheld controllers, glasses or any other accessories that are needed to play a particular game. Small speakers can also be arranged on the tables and will help players hear each game's sound effects clearly.

Wooden Cabinet And Card Table

A wooden cabinet that contains several drawers will provide plenty of space for board games, consoles, and audio visual equipment. Encourage your friends to use the space if they would like to bring along some of their personal games to enjoy while at the party or if they need a safe place to store their wallet or car keys.

Set a card table up so that players can take turns playing different board games while waiting on their turn to try out one of the video games that you own. Place a television nearby so that anyone who would like to take a break from playing games can watch a movie or program that interests them.

 Mini Fridge And Snack Baskets

Keep hunger and thirst at bay while everyone enjoys themselves. Set up a mini fridge and stock it with several kinds of beverages. Fill large baskets with a variety of snacks for everyone to indulge in. Purchase disposable cups and dinnerware to keep messes to a minimum. Once the event has ended, toss leftovers into a bag and dispose of them.

After arranging all of the items in the arcade, add some decorations, such as wall hangings or area rugs to give the room a cozy appearance. Once the party has ended, continue enjoying time in the arcade each day, challenging family members and friends while increasing skill levels with each game that is chosen.