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How To Always Have A Cell Phone Charging Cable Handy

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Do you own a smartphone? Does it seem like your phone is always running out of power? In this day and age, forgetting to bring along a charging cable can be a near-disaster. Here are some tips for making sure that you always have a cable around when you need one:

Buy sets of cables: Many people buy one cell phone USB cable at a time, thinking that they'll simply move the cable around when they go to a new location. While this may have a lower initial cost than buying multiple cables, the reality is that you may often forget to take the cable with you. Many people do. If you don't have an appropriate cable with you, your phone could die when you're trying to call a taxi or while you're waiting for an important call. Missing out on an important client call can be much more costly than simply buying more cables than you think you need in the first place.

Turn them into fashion accessories: If you've already found a cell phone USB cable that is a bracelet or keychain, that's good. If you can't find one, or you don't like what's available, you can always make your own. Even if you don't currently know how to crochet, learning how to add a crochet cover to a USB cable should take almost no time at all. Should you not like the look of crochet, you can always try sewing a cover for your cable. Once your cable has been customized, you can wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet, wear it around your neck as a necklace or even use it to replace a purse strap. As a fashion accessory, it will be much more difficult for you to misplace your cable or to not have one handy when you need it.

Swap out cables regularly: A good cell phone USB cable will last a long time, but even the best cable will eventually start to break down. Having a broken cable may be worse than not having a cable at all. If you don't test your cables regularly, you may put off charging your phone until the last minute. When you then try to use the cable, you'll discover that it's broken and it may be too late to find a replacement. Avoid this scenario by testing your cell phone cables regularly and replacing them if they seem to be starting to break.