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Three Power Extension Cord Accessories That Also Baby-Proof Your Home

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When you are single or just newly-married, having a tangle of power cords behind the entertainment center or in the kitchen is not a big deal. However, when you bring a baby into your home (yours or someone else's) you will quickly discover that that tangle of cords is dangerous on a number of levels. Here are some power cord extension accessories that also baby-proof your home.

Power Strip Cover

This oddly-shaped and typically cylindrical box encases the power strip so that baby does not attempt to grab the cords and pull them out of the power strip/surge protector. You leave all of the cords plugged into the power strip and then lay the power strip into the bottom half of the cover. The top half of the cover is often two sections that pop into the base and only provide circular openings in the top for the cords to exit. Once these pieces all snap together, there is no way for a baby or small child to remove the cords fully and/or expose open outlets in the power strip.

Vertical Cord Organizer

These strange but handy little strips are placed high on the wall behind your entertainment center. Once you have untangled your cords, each one is threaded through a loop on this organizer strip so that there is no possible way to get them tangled up again. Untangled cords that are off the floor are less likely to be grabbed, played with, drooled or chewed on, and less likely to be tripped over too.

Floor Cover Plates

If you have to run your extension cords around a room because it only has two outlets in awkward places, you may find that you have several cords in the way and underfoot. Trips and falls are imminent in these situations, and it is not only bad for any baby or child, but also bad news for you too. The good news is that you can buy floor plate covers that are meant to cover and hide cords as they run past a doorway to get to an outlet.

They are made of rubber so that you cannot really stub your toes on them and so that your cords are protected and insulated against any pets or children that would try to pick them up and chew on them. Some are also customizable, which allows you to cut them to the length you need or create notches in order to fit them around the posts of doorways. If you so desire, you may buy several and install them around the room in order to keep the cords close to the walls.