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Help Your Students Learn A Foreign Language With A Language Lab

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If your high school is developing a language lab for students that are learning foreign languages, there are all kinds of things that you are going to need to make sure that the lab is stocked with. You want to make sure that your students are able to have all the help that they need in order to learn the language they are working on.


One of the necessary things that you are going to need to have is computers to help the students work on their homework and hear the language actually being spoken by someone other than the teacher. While many high school students carry tablets or laptops back and forth with them to school, you still will need to have computers in the language lab. One reason for that is that schools have access to language programs or websites that the students don't have. However, many of those programs or websites may require that they are only accessed on the school computers. Many students may not want to add programs for just one class on to their computers as well. 


Headphones are going to be a necessity as well. That's because you don't want students to disturb each other while they are listening to their language programs. This is especially true if the language lab is going to be open to all students who are taking a foreign language, no matter what the language or the level of fluency that they have. Using headphones will also allow the student to more clearly hear how the language and the words are specifically pronounced. The lack of interference can make it easier for students who are having problems. You could also make sure that the school's headphones have a microphone on them. The reason for that is that the student can pronounce the word and be corrected by the particular program that they are using. That will help them get rid of any bad habits that they may have before they get too bad. One worry that you may have with providing headphones and microphones for your student is that they may pass around unpleasant things. There are different ways that you can handle that. One is that you can get headphone covers. They would be plastic sleeves that would go over the earpieces and the microphone. Another option is to assign each student their own ear pads and microphone cover that they put on the headphones before they use them.

Setting up a language lab at your high school can make it easier for students to learn a new language.