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Before Your Trip, Use These Ways to Keep Your House Safe

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Leaving for a trip may have your mind busy with considerations for the journey ahead. However, you also need to spend some time thinking about ensuring the safety of your house until you return. Think about doing these tasks to secure your property during a trip.

Consider Automated Home Surveillance

If you have never thought about this before, now just might be the perfect time for you to seriously consider home surveillance. An automated system will allow you to check in with various parts of the property remotely by use of well-placed cameras that you control. A good system will give you notifications right away if something is wrong, no matter where you are, so that you can check in on cameras remotely and make decisions about what to do next.

In addition to a security system, you may wish to automate other areas of your home. With your smartphone, you should have options for controlling different lights and other items inside your house so no one can determine whether someone is home.

Give Neighbors Specific Tasks

You might have already thought of giving neighbors on the street a heads up that you'll be going somewhere. However, for the protection of your property, you've got to give your neighbors certain tasks so that any burglars checking out the neighborhood won't have their interest piqued by your empty house. For example, you may ask them to get the mail out of the mailbox each day or to collect any newspapers on the day they are delivered instead of letting them pile up. That way, your house won't arouse any suspicion.

Erase GPS Information

One things that burglars do these days is break into one of the many cars that are housed overnight in the parking lot of a major airport. If they're able to start your car up, and your vehicle is equipped with some type of GPS that has saved a "home" location for you, you may, by accident, help a burglar locate a house that is uninhabited and ripe for the picking—yours. Instead, erase any saved locations; if someone should get ahold of your car, they won't get any assistance.

Securing your property and house during a long trip will give you some peace of mind until you're able to get back home. Working with a professional security company can give you additional ideas about what actions may be best for you.

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