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A Useful Guide To Remember When Purchasing Satellite Phones For Business

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If your business takes you across the globe, it may be beneficial to invest in a satellite phone. It can receive and make calls anywhere in the world and often features a rugged design. If you're in the market for one of these practical phones, keep this guide in mind.


Size is everything when it comes to satellite phones. Since you'll probably be on the go performing various business operations, it's a good idea to choose a satellite phone with a compact design. It will thus be easier to hold and move around when you're on the go.

Additionally, smaller satellite phones can easily fit into your pockets. To assess size, be sure to check out satellite phones in person. You'll then be able to effectively gauge if their dimensions are exactly what you're looking for. Just make sure you don't select too small of a satellite phone that jeopardizes its functionality. 

Satellite Coverage 

Different satellite phones have different coverage capabilities, which are extremely important to assess considering you'll be conducting business on a global scale. For your money, it's ideal to look for a satellite phone that gets coverage worldwide.

Then, no matter where your business adventures take you, connecting to a reliable network will be possible. Just note that having worldwide coverage will cost much more compared to having personal coverage in a single country, be it the United States or United Kingdom. 

Special Features 

Satellite phones have evolved so much these past few years. Now, they come equipped with some amazing features that you'll certainly want to consider to get the most out of these phones every day. For example, there are plenty of satellite phones made today that are completely weatherproof. No matter what weather elements they come across, they'll hold up and remain fully functionally. 

It's also wise to select a satellite phone that has a push-to-talk feature. It enables you to quickly communicate with other parties whenever you want. There are even satellite phones that come equipped with emergency SOS. This feature is useful should something go wrong on your business trips. Ultimately, try choosing features that make sense for the type of business operations you'll be engaging in on a regular basis.

Satellite phones come with so many advantages for those running large businesses. To choose one that works perfectly for your operations, keep in mind impactful factors like network coverage, dimensions, and standard features. You'll then be able to make the right investment for your company. Contact a company like All Road SAT for more information.