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Creating a Mobile Workstation for Your Vehicle: 4 Essential Accessories to Consider

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If you work from the road, setting up a mobile workstation in your vehicle can provide access to all your business essentials. Setting up a mobile workstation requires a bit of creativity and a few essential tools. Here are some ideas to help you maximize your productivity during quick stops for lunch or while you wait in the parking lot for client appointments.

Wireless Smartphone Charger

Wireless vehicle charging provides a convenient way to keep your device powered up while you're on the road. Keeping your smartphone charging provides access to voice-activated functions, such as hands-free phone calls and text messaging. While there are many wired charger models on the market, a wireless option helps keep your dash and console free from clutter, providing a safer driving experience. Look for a model that mounts securely to your dashboard or center console. The unit should have a gripped design to hold your device in place and an adjustable setup to keep your screen visible for GPS navigation. You can find some wireless charging accessories that have an adjustable grip for compatibility with tablets and portable GPS units.

Steering Wheel Desk

A steering wheel desk is a simple tray that attaches to your vehicle's steering wheel, creating a stable platform for your laptop or tablet. This option is ideal if you find yourself sending out emails while waiting to pick up clients at the airport or while having a quick bite in a restaurant parking lot. The flat platform also supports your wireless charger, so you can keep your phone within arm's reach as it charges. When it's time to get back on the road, simply remove the desk and slide it into the passenger's seat or backseat for safe driving. If you prefer a more permanent option, you can find desks that attach to the passenger's seat. These desks are ideal if you don't want to assemble and disassemble your mobile workspace frequently.

Front Seat Car Organizer

If you carry a lot of business essentials in your car at all times, a front seat car organizer can be a great addition to your mobile workstation. These organizers feature a host of compartments in different sizes, making it easy to sort and store file folders, pens, notepads, portable device chargers, and other work materials. Be sure to select a design that fits over the front of the passenger seat so you can quickly reach materials as you type using your steering wheel desk.

Dual USB Charger

Sometimes you need to charge more than just your smartphone, and a dual USB charger can provide the perfect solution. These portable accessories plug directly into your car's dash or console, and the two USB ports provide compatibility with a wide range of devices, including laptops, tablets, and even smart watches. Be sure to invest in several charging cables to go with the charger. Longer cables can be used to give passengers in the backseat access to their phones, while shorter cables help reduce clutter near the driver's seat.